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About James McGee Elementary School

Welcome to James McGee Elementary School, a place where educational excellence has been nurtured and celebrated for over four decades. Since our inception in 1981, we have been committed to providing a top-notch learning environment for the students of Pasco, Washington. Our journey is steeped in history, innovation, and a relentless dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

A Journey Through Time

James McGee Elementary School first opened its doors in 1981, nestled in a corner of Pasco that was, at the time, largely undeveloped. The land, which now serves as the foundation for our school, was once a place where former McGee Principal Robin Hay recalls riding horses during her childhood. As the years passed, our school became a cornerstone of the community, embracing change while preserving our rich heritage.

Honoring James W. McGee

Our school proudly bears the name of James W. McGee, a dedicated educator hailing from North Dakota. Mr. McGee embarked on his teaching career at Captain Gray Elementary School in 1958 and continued to inspire young minds for a total of 21 years. Throughout his tenure, he exhibited unwavering commitment, earning him the admiration and respect of his students. His passion for teaching culminated in the establishment of a vibrant music program, including the renowned Captain Gray Choralaires.

James McGee's impact extended far beyond the classroom, instilling a sense of excellence and self-belief in his students. He remains in the hearts of those he taught, as they fondly remember him as one of the best educators they ever had.

Celebrating Milestones

In 2011, James McGee Elementary School celebrated its 30th anniversary with a commemorative time capsule. This capsule, originally buried by the school's inaugural class of 1981, was unearthed in 2006, allowing former and current students to reflect on the passage of time. A selection of items from the past and present was included, creating a bridge between generations of McGee students.

A Legacy of Excellence

James McGee Elementary has consistently been recognized as a "School of Distinction" by the Center for Educational Effectiveness, a testament to our commitment to academic growth and achievement. Our dedication to excellence was further affirmed when we were honored with the Washington Achievement Award, the highest state honor for our continued growth in mathematics, based on both state and national criteria.